5280 Geek

Weekend Geek Update

April 23, 2019

#Podcast #WGU light news week for the crew as they cover Game of Thrones vs. Game of Fish. The new Addams Family coming to theaters October 11 but will it be Macabre or Supernatural in nature? #TwilightZone, #Watchmen, and High Fidelity gets another spin.

Picard is under way we get a new table top game for Wacky Races, and it looks like Ubisoft to the rescue for Notre-Dame. Although Smurf does have a good reason why the fire started. Where the crew will be this weekend for Starfest and so much more, all sponsored by the Alamo Drafthouse Littleton Cinema. #GeekNews #Movies #TV #TableTop #VideoGames #ConLife

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