5280 Geek

Weekend Geek Update

October 23, 2018

#Podcast #WGU sponsored by Alamo Drafthouse Littleton Cinema the crew talk about the weekends events that went on along town and some of the crazies wondering the neighborhood. Then its time to focus on the first few episodes of #Daredevil and one of the best fight scenes so far while they talk rumors and the fate of two heroes. Wonder Woman gets pushed back while Bohemian Rhapsody gets the best venue to premier in ever.

Stan and Ollie looks to tug on the heartstrings and define true bromance. Leading to a chat about the other legends that should have their stories told. Then its all about puppets as one retires, the Dark Crystal gets a prequel, and Del Toro vision of Pinocchio stop motion comes to Netflix. A Terry Crews what if, Green Lantern gets a new creative dream team, and we talk about the importance of gamer pants as Nike sponsors its first ever EA sports member.  

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