5280 Geek
Weekend Geek Update

Weekend Geek Update

April 2, 2019

#Podcast #WGU is it news? Is it fake news? It’s April fools and it’s live from the Alamo Drafthouse Littleton Cinema boardgame night. Ready to entertain and inform on the crazy news they did see all day. The latest #Bracket and what powers they would like. #Avengers, in a stone or a pocket dimension? You decide.

The new world of horror as #Us, #Chucky #DeaddontDie and #DeadtoMe take the over the conversation and just what is going on with the new Twilight Zone. A new gaming aid, Borderlands 3 is a thing and what new product is coming from Think Geek. It is the Weekend Geek Update and you may never be the same again. #GeekNews #Movies #TV #Videogames #5280Geek

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