Weekend Geek Update

June 21, 2017

#Podcast #WGU light news week for geekdom but it doesn’t stop the crew talking about the results of E3, the loss of Adam West, and the announcement of Ghostbusters two.

Deadpool is at the X-Mansion and surprise it’s empty, Nightwing and Batgirl making out might be a lot creepier than you think, and Atari is making a console.


Nerds That Know

June 17, 2017

#Podcast #nerdsknow return and get you up to date on some impressive skin growing tech. But first the nerds let you know what events are a must for the summer season, how shinny Vegas and is it worth the sweat, and that none of them really can distinguish the difference between World War One and Two.



Weekend Geek Update Special Report

June 13, 2017

#Podcast #WGUS With the close of E3 this weekend and the Gears of War and Overwatch competitions going on we would like to introduce you to Dan Himmelstein. Dan is a Phycologist but a very unique one. In Fact he refers to himself as a “Brain Coach” at Esports Academy and he is the best one to help you improve your game and skill. But listen on and find out just how he does it.   


Weekend Geek Update

June 6, 2017

#Podcast #WGU it’s the week of fights with the con season is in full swing. Flash vs. Hulk, Wonder Woman vs Thor, and cosplayers vs. cons.

Spiderman Homecoming, Suicide Squad 2, Flash is running for an Emmy in musicals. Ice Man is getting his own book for the first time and it looks like Batman is getting married again.

Pokémon go has a new release special and we hope it works better than the last one, E3 schedule and the anniversary of Overwatch. Weekend Geek Update sponsored by Rocky Mountain Con offering artist alley tables for only $75 per table contact tim@rockymountaincon.com for details.