Nerds That Know

February 22, 2017

#Podcast #NTK

The nerds flex their cartoon muscle with the rise and fall of the Saturday morning empire.

Birthcontroll for men is really a thing but would you trust a guy to take it.

Rounded off with some TV talk, books, and Old Man Logan 

We are the Nerds that Know!


Weekend Geek Update

February 21, 2017

#Podcast #WGU this week get caught up on Smurfs NY trip

News flash, we all have nipples and what its means to you now that Playboy is back to putting nude pictures in the magazine.

We come to the conclusion that Disney will rule the Earth, Aflack vs. Batman, and Lindsay Lohan wants to play the Little Mermaid.

Terry Crews wanting to be part of Overwatch as the new character is about to be released...The question is which one.


Weekend Geek Update Special Report

February 14, 2017

#Podcast #WGU Local author Sue Duff talks about her new book in the Stacked Deck series. She expands on what drives her character development along with the freedom behind self-publishing.  

Be sure to check out her release party this Wednesday Febuary 15 at the Tattered Cover bookstore, in the Aspen Grove shopping center starting at 7pm


Nerds That Know

February 8, 2017


Magicians and what we want to see, we expand on the Expanse, Archer vs. South Park, and Samurai Jack. Real Science from the Nerds that know, Old Man Logan and this week in Nerd News, all this and more as the Nerds get you up to date.  


Weekend Geek Update

February 7, 2017

#Podcast #WGU this week talks about the #Superbowl commercials, mostly how much #JohnMalkovich rules and not my Super Bowl Champions. The battle about to happen at the theater this weekend between Lego Batman 50 Shades and #JohnWick. Valentines day, what hope do geeks have when the Muggles can’t even get it right? Samurai Jack season 5 trailer

New X-men Cartoon vs. The New Duck Tails one.