Weekend Geek Update Special Report

December 20, 2016

#Podcast Weekend Geek Update Special report

Smurf gets an update from local artist Gareth Kensak on his new comic

Talk about the comic movie landscape and a member of the audience feeds them both during the interview.

#WGUS #RMC2016


Weekend Geek Update

December 13, 2016

Marry #Geekmas!

Role Reversal artist vs director, end of the world #Deadpool is up for an award, and Marijuana bars.

Tara catches us up on her Facebook troll and just how weird people can be.



Weekend Geek Update

December 6, 2016

#podcast #wgu

Tales from the holiday of horrors…well Black Friday any way.

Another Guardians Trailer, Rouge One and some spoilers on original cast appearances

The 12 days of onesies and how you can help. Blizzard rules the world and we come up with a great title for a game.